Scared to Jet Ski (WK 223.6) | Bratayley

Hanging out on the new jet ski! Order your official Bratayley backpack and lunchbox now! Bratayley “Baked Potato” shirts are finally here!…

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25 thoughts on “Scared to Jet Ski (WK 223.6) | Bratayley

  1. Today I had my toe surgery and it hurt so bad and when I watched this I
    didn’t really even think about the pain. Talks videos seem to always cheer
    me up!

  2. I went jet skiing once when I was 17 in Cyprus! It was fun but scary as I
    cant swim! Overcome your fears! Believe in yourself!

  3. I love jet skiing!! And tubing, and fishing, and swimming, and indoor

  4. Please can someone explain to me what ranch is I’m British so I don’t know

  5. is there dad in the military? if so thank you for your service my two
    brothers are in the army and airforce also

  6. You can sing all the Copyrighted songs you want to on video! You can say
    anything, quote anything and sing anything you want to sing. Anyone who
    thinks otherwise, please show me the law that says you can’t.

  7. Haleigh is such a scared child .. Come on a jet ski is so much fun
    ….what’s there to be scared of ??? Get over it!!!!!!

  8. Is Billy in the Military?? If so we appreciate your service (if you know
    please reply)

  9. Say iPhone 5 times then comment this on another video, then check under
    your pillow