Baking with Bratayley (WK 223.2)

We had so much fun collaborating with Disney Parks and all the other YouTubers at the All Star Creator’s Conference. Watch us learn the dance here Order your official…

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25 thoughts on “Baking with Bratayley (WK 223.2)

  1. This is my first time commenting on a Bratayley video 4 minutes after it
    was uploaded. Wow!

  2. How come it is night time for u guys and here it is still morning someone
    please explain why?! 

  3. some advice is before you fill the mold grease it with wax paper, butter,
    or non-stick cooking spray, also before you cut the top off leave it in the
    fridge or freezer for 10 minutes then cut the top off and you will most
    likely not have a big mess and peaces falling off.

  4. The easiest way is grease the mold or pan with cooking spray or butter
    lightly before adding the mixture to avoid from sticking to the pan

  5. Calub this may wound rude but I am in fourth grade and can read a ninth
    grade level book

  6. I’m a bratayley fan but is it just me or is annie kind of annoying and a
    camera hog?

  7. Maybe Hailey should start a baking/cooking channel!!
    Annie – gymnastics
    Caleb – gaming
    Hailey – Baking/cooking