Don’t Get Your Blood on the Wood Floors! (WK 222.4) | Bratayley

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25 thoughts on “Don’t Get Your Blood on the Wood Floors! (WK 222.4) | Bratayley

  1. It would make my day if you comment back to me because I have 2nd degree
    burn on my chest

  2. hi! can you guys please say hi back? i love you!! it would mean the world
    to me!

  3. You should do a time lapse of you guys putting all the furnished in and
    have cut when you have to go back. Once you’re don’t putting everything in
    you could do an actual house tour. No offense 

  4. rebel sports, valley girl, typo, cotton body, starbucks and target.

  5. I live in England so my fav store to shop at is new look and topshop

  6. Bratayley is my neighbor!! I saw them outside looking at the jelly fish on

  7. Does Annie have a different name or something because on Instagram people
    keep saying that her name is Julliana?