SUPER DORK! (WK 223) | Bratayley

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25 thoughts on “SUPER DORK! (WK 223) | Bratayley

  1. Hayley should have her own gymnastics channel like Annie say if u agree

  2. Question for Bratayley:
    Can you do a American Girl Dollhouse Tour? Or video? I love AG!

  3. Hayley should have her own gymnastics channel so we can see her progress

  4. Hayley should have her own channel where she cooks and does her. Gymnastics

  5. Haley looks cute with no glasses and how she lost her tooth she looks

  6. Brataley sorry I couldn’t watch the rest of the video I’m down to 1% I’m so
    sorry I’ll watch it when I got charge I feel so bad 

  7. am kinda new here to Bratayley and why is “mommy” not in the vlogs very

  8. Hayley you don’t have friends because your homeschooling that’s the problem