Breakfast then Huntin’ (WK 221) | Bratayley

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25 thoughts on “Breakfast then Huntin’ (WK 221) | Bratayley

  1. I dar yuo to do 10 press hand stant
    I dar yuo to put 4 scup’s of sot
    I dar yuo to prank call sommwagne
    I dar yuo to crack 5 eg on yuor had
    I dar yuo to go awt sid and scrim im a fluffy bunnie
    I dar yuo to kiss winie

  2. I would like to learn how to do a backhand spring one day. Also, you guys
    should do the pizza challenge! 

  3. Yum those pancakes looked good. I want to learn how to be a good gymnast as
    good as Annie one day. Great video

  4. I want to learn how to do a backwalkover Annie make my dreams come true and
    witch one is

  5. DearAnnie,

    You have inspired me to do gymnastics again. I thank you very much for that
    . You are a great gymnast and very flexible and you did fantastic on states

    Dear Haley ,

    You are so adorable and cute . Never change your self
    No matter what any one thinks of you . Always be you. You are a unique
    person and don’t let any body change that .

    Dear caleb ,

    You are a phenomenal baseball player and a even better big brother you have
    also inspired me to try baseball .

    Dear family ,
    You are a very sweet family and you all get along so well it amazes me I
    have never seen you guys fight . I have also never seen you guys in person
    but someday I will . I thank you billy for serving our country you are
    fantastic and a great dad and mom is awsome you juggle so much in one day I
    don’t know how you do it . I hope one day I can be a Perfect mother like


  6. hey i was a ballirina ps sorry im only 11 i dont know how to spwll very
    well:ok so i was a ballrina and i did point witch really hurt so cleleb try
    to do some point move then calll 911

  7. hayley has a bad angle for recording were only seeing her slobery lips

  8. Annie’s 10 in June she will be halfway to being eleven. So she is in the
    age where puberty stages start. She is gonna be having mood swings. And you
    can PMS without getting your menstrual cycle. It’s just her body is
    changing and trying to mature. So of course she’s gonna act different. All
    girls go through puberty stages at different ages. So if she acts crabby
    remember every girl goes through it. And also maybe she is struggling with
    problems off camera that they don’t share with the world. You never know.
    So don’t say she’s a brat and that she’s mean. She is a young girl trying
    to figure out the world herself. Everyone finds a point in their life where
    they are unhappy. 

  9. Quick tip: Hadley, you might not want to walk on your toes like that until
    your twelve, and have taken lots of ballet and fully strengthened your
    ankles. I don’t mean this as a rude comment but I want to make sure she
    does not get a serious ankle injury. 

  10. Hayley knows the word “Literally” ?????