A Tired Parent’s Worst Nightmare – Studio C

A Tired Parent’s Worst Nightmare – Studio C. Having good neighbors is nice; having loud neighbors is worse than death. Shout-out to all the tired parents out there! Subscribe to Studio C:…

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25 thoughts on “A Tired Parent’s Worst Nightmare – Studio C

  1. And I want you to know, that you are very funny and I hope you make more

  2. I miss when studio c posted four or five videos a week. Now it’s just one
    video a week ;(

  3. Not only did I love this, I lived it. Minus the goat. OK, maybe there was
    a goat. It’s been years and my memories from then are scrambled. LOL 

  4. You guys are the rulers if the land of simplicity and natural humour..
    Kudos u guys.. studio c rocks! !! :-)

  5. Even though the sketch was funny, I’m kinda upset that Studio C lied to us
    about the release date of this video. I understand that they were busy and
    everything, but saying one thing and doing another…

  6. I own 14 goats, i named one of the Killer after he killed a dog, so did
    they just threaten my life?!?!?!

  7. “Also this phone is a potato”
    “It’s like my brain is obese trying to bike uphill” XD

  8. Yes, this is me except the child never actually sleeps! The noise is just
    on top of her! I loved this, can’t wait for next weeks! (Oh, and Happy
    April Fools and just in case Easter everyone! 🙂 )