Bratayley at the Circus! (WK 221.4)

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25 thoughts on “Bratayley at the Circus! (WK 221.4)

  1. Let’s start a lyric chain by adding on with reply to do the whole song!
    Let’s do Uptown Funk, I’ll start!

    This hit the ice cold,

  2. I put a timer on my ipad to make sure I was the first one but then the wifi
    wasn’t working

  3. To stop all the first comment madness, Bratayley should comment
    FIRST!!!!!!!!!! Like if you AGREE!

  4. For 900,00or 950,00 subbies can u please do the family gymnastics challenge

  5. I have the same game you guys were playing when hayley was making lemonade
    at the table. 

  6. aw, using elephants and tigers in a circus makes me sad 🙁 but the face
    paint was beautiful and annie’s wolly mammoth was really cute :)