How Dare They Sell Us a Broken House! (WK 220.2) | Bratayley

We give Mum a tour of the new house and find a problem. Order your official Bratayley backpack and lunchbox now! Bratayley “Baked Potato” shirts are finally here!…

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25 thoughts on “How Dare They Sell Us a Broken House! (WK 220.2) | Bratayley

  1. Does each bedroom has it’s own bathroom? That must be one expensive house.

  2. I love all ur vidos do u now now in grand falls winder it is night and out
    there were every it is morning

  3. My favorite vegetables are carrots, corn, cucumbers,and bananas( because
    bananas are vegetables not fruit)

  4. If i was living in that house I’d want Hayley’s room/bathroom, cause it has
    the most sunlight and I *love* sunny rooms!!! =D
    I mean come on, waking up to sun coming in your bedroom is one of the best
    things about waking up in the morning!!
    Other than that….BOO MORNINGS!!!! LOL #NightOwl 

  5. My favorite veggie is carrots and BTW Celeb tomato is a fruit because it
    has seeds in it. Sorry I had to check you.

  6. My fav vegetable is all only tomato I don’t love tomato but my mother love
    all vegetable also

  7. You know they should make that room a CLASSROOM instead of filming because
    school is more important then filming.

  8. did you guys have fun when you guys went to disney world? did you guys see
    any lizards