Dogs First Swim at the New House (WK 219.5) | Bratayley

Thank you to Osmo for financially supporting this video Check out Osmo, we love it Today the dogs decide to …

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25 thoughts on “Dogs First Swim at the New House (WK 219.5) | Bratayley

  1. Hi Bratayley plz reply it will mean the world to me

  2. Pls pls pls look on instagram I’m having so many deaths. I need help. Pls

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  4. All they titles from now are going to be ” *_______* at the new house!” XD

  5. I love how Annie and Caleb both yell “too bad” at the same time and run
    towards the water together. They are the cutest siblings ever. 

  6. that was dangerous when piper couldnt get out of the water , she could have
    drowned ,