102° Fever (WK 219.2) | Bratayley

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25 thoughts on “102° Fever (WK 219.2) | Bratayley

  1. What wrong with the bed Annie has? I so don’t get it. If anything Hayley
    should get a new one cuz she’s the only one that didn’t get a room makeover
    for her birthday. 🙂 

  2. Wait wait didn’t they just go to New York? Isn’t Ebola in New York? OMG

  3. OKAY CHEERLEADING IS A SPORT. We do harsh condioning and practice1000+
    times harder than lots of other sports. If you dont consider it a sport
    than BYE FELCIA

  4. Cheerleading is not a sport, because all they do is cheer on the team
    simply by saying chants that rhyme, Yes they do flips and motions but
    that’s more of a skill and not enough to call it a sport itself. I agree
    they do put a lot of work and hours in, but honestly i think they do it so
    they can look good.

  5. Read this

    1 u can’t say m without touching ur lips together
    2 u tried it now
    3 u like bratayley
    5 u didn’t know that I skipped 4
    6 u checked now
    7 u are realising how everything is coming true
    8 u are liking this comment and replying 

  6. If you really want people to answer and start a debate, just ask if people
    think DANCE is a sport?
    But, yes cheer is a sport.
    And so is dance.

  7. I’m sick too
    I have fever,cough,sore throat and stuff nose.
    I also have a stomached virus from school

  8. If cheerleading wasn’t a sport you wouldn’t be able to receive scholarships
    for it. Thousands of kids each year get scholarships for cheerleading. I
    know a couple of girls who went on to do competitive cheerleading all over.
    It’s a big deal! Just because a few people say it’s not a sport doesn’t
    mean it’s not. You can get seriously hurt while cheering. And not just
    anyone can be a cheerleader. 

  9. Cheer is a sport because they tumble and stunt and do hard conditioning.
    But I dont think it is harder than gymnastics because it takes both
    physical and mental strength to be a gymnast and it’s really tough

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