Family Phone Call (WK 217.7) | Bratayley

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25 thoughts on “Family Phone Call (WK 217.7) | Bratayley

  1. Like if you think bratayley should do “The Family Gymnastics Challenge for
    850,000 subscribers

  2. Guys i was first and u wornt so and not trying to be rude but i was first

  3. Hi my is march 13th could you please please wish me a happy b,day I’m
    getting your backpack ok what ever is best for you thx

  4. #BratayleysBrats #CommentClub

    *qotd* : get an A on your science fair project or your art project?

  5. I realy love you so much bratayley family your video all lovely like
    acroana love it so much 

  6. Hayley when u watch sevensupergirls, watch kaeylens whole video. She
    actually said amd gave me a special shoutout!!!!!!

  7. Im sad Caleb almost never on film lately! Thats why i love when you guys
    are on trips and stuff because i can see all of them all the time mostly!
    🙂 I know when u start turning into a teen it gets different though.

  8. Art project, that seems more fun then dissecting animals like frogs and

  9. That’s so weird my science fair project is do tomorrow!


  10. Bratayley is awesome, and I think something you guys should do is that, who
    can scream the loudest!