Stolen Camera! (WK 217.3) | Bratayley

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25 thoughts on “Stolen Camera! (WK 217.3) | Bratayley

  1. Stop saying 1st at least appreciate what they made to show you guys!

  2. Find the 3

  3. Who ever Is reading this you are beautiful! Please check out my Chanel
    right now and like if you love bratayley!

  4. It’s blue and black it was on The today show and one of the ladies had the
    same dress on and she said this is blue and black!!!

  5. the dress is blue and black we know it was on news but i got a better
    REASON 1:the light was really really bright in the background and made it
    look white and gold.
    REASON 2:she was using a really crap camera what colour do you think it
    would be after that
    Reason 3:nothing makes sense in reality
    Reason 4:Some ppl see it in different illusions
    Reason 5:Wow you have some serious trust issues
    Reason 6:you really want more
    Reason 7:i was forced to tell you more BE HAPPY THAT I MADE THIS DESITION
    PPL well it was prooven by scientists
    #AlsoByMyDadHesSuperSmartSoHeCountsAsAScientist #ThumpsUpForLongHashtags
    #NotAScientist #ThumpsUpForLodesOfHashtagsThankYou

  6. my answer too the dress is… I don’t care it’s just a dress! lol sorry
    i’ma tomboy I don’t like dresses

  7. I would rather work alone because i like being by my self and I could rake
    all the credit!

  8. I heard “Echo” at 4:03…. Lol… Who knows what i’m talking about????

  9. My brother and i already saw that and we looked it up and it is blue and

  10. Blue and black
    But when I first saw it I thought it was gold and white