Early Morning Gymnastics Meet (WK 216.3) | Bratayley

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25 thoughts on “Early Morning Gymnastics Meet (WK 216.3) | Bratayley

  1. #BratayleysBrats #CommentClub

    *qotd* : what’s your favorite thing to do at a sleepover ?

  2. I’m 13 years old and its amazing how time flies it was only a year ago
    today when I got run over by a car and was in hospital, I had just found
    you guys and hayley really cheered me up x

  3. This video was a bit messed up something must have happened with the
    editing but ily u guys

  4. It’s really annoying how Annie freaks out when Caleb tries to be funny but
    when Annie does it to Caleb it’s totally okay. Annie needs to chill! 

  5. I just had a great Idea for WHEN you get 1,000,000 Subs to add to the pie
    in Katie’s face

  6. I don’t want to be mean but I don’t think liv will be able to get 50,000
    followers any time soon because I checked out her channel and she only has

  7. You guys and the Shaytards should do a meet and greet together. That would
    be interesting!

  8. Hi guys! Can I just say, you are absolutely amazing!!!! I love you guys
    soooooo much, Annie is my inspiration for doing gymnastics, Hayley is just
    too cute and Caleb is… Caleb (in the good way) and also u 2 (Katie and
    Billie/Billy) u r incredible parents to ur children… I wish I had a
    relationship with my dad like that xxx lastly, I just wanna let u know how
    much you’ve changed me (and also other youtubers) whenever I’m sad or angry
    or feel like I just need to sit back and taka a break… I go to my room
    and watch YouTube, about 7 minutes later I find myself laughing my head
    off!!! YouTube has changed me and I’m so happy I finally found something
    and people to keep me happy… I also have anxiety and other stuff, but I
    don’t wanna go into much detail as I don’t wanna seem needy or anything…
    but whenever I have a panic attack, I go straight onto YouTube xxxxx!!!! I
    love you and if u don’t reply I am totally fine with that but if u do I
    would probably break down (in the good way, Haha) so yeah, I love you guys
    and don’t stop making videos!! Xxxxx.

  9. OMG I found a web site and it said were they were born and I saw Annie and
    it said Annie grace! Omg

  10. Bratayley VS shaytards
    Like for Bratayley
    Comment for shaytards
    Comment any emoji for both
    I vote

  11. bratayley because they have better videos then Shaytards and Annie does
    gymnastics so that’s why I like them and I also say bratayley again because
    they have more things to do and say and have fun more than then if anybody
    doesn’t agree with me say no and if anybody does it great and we say yes
    because I think bratayley better than that I don’t know why I said that but
    okay whatever everybody please say give me a sign and we lovebaked potatoes
    baked potatoes baked potatoes please your roommate because bateria like the
    best you can never watching videos expecially what any in her a crow and
    Hailey and he’s tan on the gymnastics day soon how she tells people what
    you love about yourself

  12. Brataly your the best and Annie you are the best gymnastics and you can do
    every thing I couldn’t do