Being a Fashionista is Hard! | Shopping with Sydnastical! (WK 216.4) | Bratayley

We spend the day with Sydney and Luke. We shop and dance. And the boys show us their moves… Order your official Bratayley backpack and lunchbox now! http:/…

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25 thoughts on “Being a Fashionista is Hard! | Shopping with Sydnastical! (WK 216.4) | Bratayley

  1. Ok , I had a younger cousin that we grew up together and she would copy me
    all the time , just like Hayley copies Annie all the time and I thought it
    was the most annoying thing ever, so I would always say “mom why does she
    have to like everything I like, I know is part of being a younger sibling
    but u need to understand that and stop blaming Annie for everything , i
    have an 11 year old sister now, she doesn’t copy me,she’s her awesome self
    but she acts a lot like Annie, and I don’t think she’s a brat she’s
    perfectly fine and I love her, it’s just growing up and acting older, and
    wanting to be more with her friends, that’s what’s going on with Annie ,
    I’m 18 I was like her once, I don’t think anyone offending Annie here has a
    clue #nooffence 

  2. *Like this comment so everyone can see!*
    Okay, just trying to point something out:
    It’s getting to a point where a lot of people are saying Annie is rude or
    sassy or whatever it is you want to say. *However*, if you actually paid
    attention to detail, she’s not being any of these things; she’s just
    growing up. I don’t like it when people try to point out a little girl’s
    flaws, because you’re pretty much doing the same thing you called her out
    for: being rude. You don’t run her life, and you’re not their parents to
    tell them how to raise their kids. They videotape these things for
    *themselves* to remember these moments, and if they wanted to, they could
    just private all of these videos or maybe just not upload anymore.
    If you’re really into Bratayley like you say you are, you would know they
    don’t like or accept bullying so don’t do it in the comments. What if the
    kids see these things? They would be hurt! *Watch what you write before you
    post it!*

  3. Love you guys so much I could watch your show all day and I want to meet
    you guys so badly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I don’t know why Annie and Sydney can wear the same green headbands but
    haily can’t copie Annie ?????? Can you reply to this ANNIE !!!!!!!!! 

  5. Hi Bratayley!!!!! I laughed so hard at Luke when he was trying to mock the
    girls!!!!!! My favorite snack is nutella and pretzels or strawberries!!!!

  6. My favorite snack candy ps thumbs up if you are watching this vidio on a

  7. think a number

    double it

    then add six

    half it

    then minus your first number in your number now

    did your answer is (3) three

  8. Why are most of the comments mostly about Annie? It’s SUPER irritating and
    annoying. The channel is about Hayley, not Annie.