Hayley’s First Math Test (WK 216) | Bratayley

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25 thoughts on “Hayley’s First Math Test (WK 216) | Bratayley

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  2. Whenever I have a math test I think aww man I already have a passing grade

  3. u guys r lucky ur home schooled cuz i go to a normal school and i have to
    wear uniform everyday 

  4. Boring day here in Australia we are getting floods and a category 5
    cyclone. It’s my birthday and my friends were supposed to come over but
    they and we are flooded in so I basically have nothing to do. This sucks
    real bad.

  5. I love Billy!!

    Thumbs up if you want Billy to vlog more!!
    and Thumbs up if you want Katie to vlog more like the way
    Annie,Hayley,Caleb and Billy does! Its way more fun to watch it like that!

  6. If annie has a facebook can u reply to me
    If caleb has a facebook can u reply to me
    So if annie has a facebook can u reply to me her facebook name
    If caleb has one reply his facebook name
    by bratayley hope to see u soon

    P.s. i meant see u soon in another video 

  7. Can you guys plz check out thatsbetsyv she is a blogger and only have a
    little subscribers and she also answer comments.Can u plz check her out she
    is also sick 🙁 :(

  8. wishing my math was still like that!! You got this Haley, Love the family
    and the doggies!! So cuteee 

  9. Billy and Katie should vlog a lot more they are beautiful/handsom and
    should talk and show there selfs more often but that is my option you don’t
    have to follow it if you guys don’t want to I don’t want to be the greedy
    people who wan you to do everything just so they can be happy ok rant over

  10. Just so you know Hayley, Jazzy, Kaelyn, and Nicole from SevenSuperGirls are
    subscribed to Bratayley! :P