Egg Roulette 2.0 (WK 215.3) | Bratayley

Check out Liv’s channel! What should we do for 900000 subscribers? Comment down below! And don’t fo…

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25 thoughts on “Egg Roulette 2.0 (WK 215.3) | Bratayley

  1. Anyone else realize that Annie is wearing the same outfit as the 1st Egg

  2. For 850,000subscribers you could do warheads challenge the pizza chalange
    or the family gymnastics challenge

  3. I think you guys should do cute bunny make-up on your dad for 800,000
    subscribers!!!! With eyelashes!!!

  4. Can you help me reach 4,500 subscribers?!?!?!?!! I am a level 7 gymnast and
    I post gymnastics videos!! Please come check my channel out 

  5. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !that was so funny annie and haly and kalb I
    allwas wach your vido and some times I laph 

  6. I feel sorry for Hayley she never has any friends that come around to her
    house I hope annie and her friends let Hayley play the games that they
    play, But I’m glad she’s always happy!

  7. Oh that video was hilarious just finished watching it for the 4th time
    LOL! Big fan btw

  8. Why don’t you do the pizza or smoothie or baby food challenge for 900,000

  9. And I think you guys are the best YouTube channel .
    Please do my question of the day and I hope you mention me in your next
    video(tomorrow). The

  10. I applied to your channel.
    I love your videos they are “funfully” entertaining. :)