I Put My Hands in the Air Like I Just Don’t Care (WK 216.2) | Bratayley

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25 thoughts on “I Put My Hands in the Air Like I Just Don’t Care (WK 216.2) | Bratayley

  1. I love you and it will make the world to me if you could reply and do more
    acroanna videos 

  2. I bet the dad turned the power off xD

    he was no where to be found… so it could of be him 🙂

    Or just a power outage 🙂 

  3. you, shaytards, and kittiesmama are everyday vloggers that ruined youtube
    by vlogging 

  4. #BratayleysBrats #CommentClub

    *qotd* : Have had they same dream over and over? If so, what do you think
    it means?

  5. Did any one else hear Caleb say 2+2=5 sorry hayleys ya didn’t get that
    right sorry

  6. i have dreems were i loos a leg or a arm and then give up on my fuhcher
    beeing a gyimnastics teacher…..all redy teaching some childien should i
    give up on my dreems?

  7. I have had a dream four times that I went to playlist and kissed amazing
    phil and I thinks it means in going to meet amazing phil and fall in love
    with him

  8. I wish I was homeschooled cause u can get up late and it’s less stressful
    and busy than mainstream school

  9. +Bratayley I was looking every where for your YouTube channel on my
    subscription when I realised that you changed your profile pic I LOVE IT
    Did somebody like paint it on Microsoft paint or did you edit the picture
    your self

  10. Post more vidioes on acroanna. I will unsubscribe if u don’t. U keep
    posting vidioes every Month