Math Magicians (WK 214.2) | Bratayley

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25 thoughts on “Math Magicians (WK 214.2) | Bratayley

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    Once upon a time, Annie, Hayley, and Caleb went to Chick-fil-a and…

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  6. On 8:55 there is something in annies eye and I’m worried about her. Never
    mind I figured it out no more comments please thank u

  7. I think everyone in brataley is cute and amazing!
    My favourite animal print is a

  8. Bratayley, if you like starbucks, order a vanilla bean frappuccino with a
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  9. Wait I’m new .. Do all they do is record there kids jumping around wtf? Do
    they go to school ? Anyway there’s barely any vloggers that are good
    anymore shaytards don’t even post ctfxc got broken it’s not the same the
    ones I watch daily is bfvsgf clintus and dose of fousey