Mila Kunis on Being a New Mom

She told Ellen about her new baby with Ashton Kutcher. Ellen had a lot of questions about their relationship status.

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25 thoughts on “Mila Kunis on Being a New Mom

  1. What’s so admirable about not getting help to look after your own child? I
    mean if anything getting helps shows that you have other commitments in
    life and don’t just rely on your spouse for financial support

  2. I dont believe her she has no help, im sure she has someone who cleans her
    house and cooks for them

  3. What’s the big deal with marriage in the States? Most people in my country
    don’t get married.

  4. why are people mentioning joe sugg like how relevant is he supposed to be
    in this video

  5. For some reason I find it weird that celebrities actually take care of
    their own babies… Like don’t they have a servant to do that? lol

  6. …..if she murdered somebody in cold blood you’ll love her???
    Who says that about a baby……you know what??

    ………..shut up meg.


  7. Everybody Europe get to be with their children because we get 1 year
    maternal leave! Is it really normal for you Americans to just leave your
    children to strangers and go to work?

  8. Guys, please don’t kill me for asking this but what is this joke about Joe
    Sugg? I’m from Germany and we never heard from that guy so i really don’t
    get it. :/

  9. Ellen not a Hero. While hardworking middle class parents are forced to
    work longer hours all day, their children are alone at home, bombarded
    with indoctrination media programs to try to make homosexuality seem normal
    for all. Books like Tango and Foundations like the Southern Poverty Law
    Center are coming from ultra rich and liberal cities, and seek to spread
    the social disease called Homosexualtiy. Biotechnology has already found
    cures for homosexuality.

  10. Mila is such a wonderful person. Proud of Ashton and her in becoming so
    responsible parents!!! KELSO AND JACKIE FOREVS!!! ❤️❤️

  11. Mila’s voice has gotten deeper, and her face now has those “mom” lines (ie
    “laugh lines” and “jowl crease”). How will this affect her career?

  12. its refreshing to see a famous person actually taking care of their own
    baby! so many women all over have it hard and are still mother while all of
    these celebrities or rich people have their kids with nannies.. its so sad.
    just dont have a child

  13. I’ve never left South Korea. So this video makes me have a question. Is it
    normal to live together and have a baby even a woman&a man haven’t get
    married legally? I am not saying it’s bad. But over here, if a girl lives
    with her bf, and then breaks up with the guy, she is considered as a slut.
    Poeple response like “Why did you do that?” Most guys want to know surely
    about their gf’s past story. It’s a big deal for Korean guys lol And I
    heard many celebrities in Hollywood live together(and have a baby
    sometimes) first and then decide to get married. But do your friends do
    like them too? I am just wondering. 

  14. Babies , babies fucking everywhere …

    People are so selfish, we don’t give a fuck if ur penis and vagina
    works….your children are ultimately gonna shit on you and over population
    is a problem..

    Fucking morons