Sweet Dreams, Toshi (WK 141.4) | Bratayley

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24 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams, Toshi (WK 141.4) | Bratayley

  1. God bless all the dogs and cats or any animal that died and owners
    Who have animals that died god and Juess are going to take great care of
    them just know if there anything I can do to bring back my dog and your
    dogs I would do it just know that I love all of you brataly fans or even
    poeple oh don’t like brataley or never heard of it I’m so sorry for what
    happened to them

  2. hey guys i know its hard but she had a long wonderful life my sweet dog
    penelope just recently passed away to so im really sorry and i hope this
    made you feel better

  3. I was about to cry during this video!! 🙁 I know how you feel! I lost a dog
    too and it’s really sad! I know this video was from a while ago, but I bet
    you still miss Toshi! (I only watched a couple of the pictures because I
    knew I was going to cry, I cried after though :'(

  4. RIP Toshi we will miss you i will bless you little heart you sould live
    longer we all love you have a great live in heven make some friends and i
    wish you a marry christmas sorry bratayely family for your loss we love
    annie hayley calab and your mom and dad hope you feel better soon marry
    christmas. love Megan Strayer

  5. This is so sad!! You guys are really good parents though. Every time an
    animal dies you get a new one. I have an american bull dog and I really
    want another dog but my parents keep saying no and yell at me when I bring
    up the subject

  6. I love you toshi you wod alwes be in my head
    toshi xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  7. i am yousing my moms commpeter but i know how it feals i came back from
    school and my mom and dad said my dog is dead and i then a month later my
    other dog dead and was i was their with her wean she dead so sorry
    bratayley for you lost

  8. im watching this a year later and im crying literally there is mascara on
    my forehead how

  9. im crying right now even know its been a year, yesterday was my dogs
    anniversary of being gone a year :(

  10. sorry about that cryed when you said that I feel sorry for you caleb and
    annie and Hayley and also you mum and dad

  11. Rip toshi that was so sad it actually made me cry I’m serious I never even
    knew him but he is so cute and they loved him so so much and rip toshi!