Attacked by Suitcases! (WK 211.7) | Bratayley

Today we pick the dogs up after arriving home from Disney World. Order your official Bratayley backpack and lunchbox now! Bratayley “…

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25 thoughts on “Attacked by Suitcases! (WK 211.7) | Bratayley

  1. I love bratayley so much all there personalities are amazing I love how
    they are such a great and caring family! You are amazing at being funny
    Hayley,caleb is hilarious,Annie is amazing at gym,billy is amazing at
    editing and the mum is great at videoing. I am 11 I love gym (not near as
    good as Annie) my birthday is the fifth of December and I have been
    watching your videos for I have no idea but I always daydream and think
    what it would be like to visit you guys but I am in new Zealand. everyday I
    wish I could make a wish come true to visit you guys. If you see this
    bratayley I would love to see if you read it in some way but I know you are
    always busy so I am not expecting it. People who read this please give a
    like if agree

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    Watch my videos and I’ll subscribe too you if you sub me:)

  3. I love you bratayley!!!! My birthday party is tomorrow and it’s 80’S
    themed! I can’t watch bratayley that day so I’m pretty bummed… I tell all
    my friends about you guys and then they look you up and start watching you.

  4. Anyone want to be youtube buddies. Next week im getting a cast on my foot
    do anyone want to support me and stuff? I just want to be happy before I
    get a cast on. And my grandma will be so happy with me if I reach at least
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    new video please

  5. How do u know she likes pink cause dogs don’t see in color I could of been
    just because it was comfortable

  6. todays my birthday and im 11 and im not annies age any more so sadi think
    the question of the day should be would u raTHER HAVE A IPHONE 6 PLUS OR A
    IPHONE 6

  7. I have an idea for your next shout-out video. You should do the “You’re
    Toast” challenge.