Let’s Be the Cool Kids (WK 211.3) | Bratayley

We are heading off to Walt Disney World for the Makers and Disney Parks Creators Conference. At the dinner we finally met Shay from the Shaytards. Order your…

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25 thoughts on “Let’s Be the Cool Kids (WK 211.3) | Bratayley

  1. I love you guys videos! Let’s start a story. Bratayley was walking down
    the street when…

  2. #bratayleysbrats #CommentClub

    *qotd* : What is your favorite park in Disney World? or (if you can’t
    answer that) Do you want your youtube channel to be as famous as +Bratayley or
    +SHAYTARDS , or any famous channel? 

  3. Im literally hyperventilating shaycarl and bratayley in one vid?!?? Im not

  4. The whole shaytards family and the whole brataley family are going to
    playlist soon maybe they can meet there with the kids 

  5. I wish the kids went to Florida this week with shay!! He said they were
    going next week instead because he didn’t want to pull them out of school

  6. My awnser to the question. Of the day us being there I am going this summer
    I Cant wait I have never been there before


  8. Great first day at the conference!! You guys were so nice – it was great to
    meet you! Looking forward to the rest of your All Star Creators videos! 🙂
    (And I had to think about what the black weighted thing was at first too –
    lol!! I went with iPad holder as well!) ;)

  9. OMG did u guys see stampylonghead in the back round shay Carl too omg I
    love all of them 

  10. Omg shay from shaytards and bratalyey I’m the biggest fan of you guys on
    the whole YouTube also romanatwood and bfvsgf omg

  11. Brataley I love you and I’ll never be able to come to your meet and greets
    because I live in England can you please awnser so I can meet you you are
    my fav youtubers and caleb I love your Chanel same with Annie’s acronna
    Haley your so cute on brataley you all make my frown turn upside down would
    it be possible to make a channel for Haley I recommend cooking with Haley
    or gymnastics challenges