I Lost My Tooth at Disney World (WK 211.4) | Bratayley

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25 thoughts on “I Lost My Tooth at Disney World (WK 211.4) | Bratayley

  1. 74th comment!!! Anyone want to subscribe I subscribe back!!! Thumbs up if
    you’re in the 301 club!

  2. Im only 10 and lost all my baby teeth and almost grown in all my adult
    teeth. I took them out myself.

  3. I think that their mom should vlog herself because she shouldn’t hide her
    face but I know that she doesn’t know how to hold the camera but I think
    she should vlog herself. I know behide that camera that their mom is
    beautiful and she shouldn’t hide her face. I think she should practice
    holding the camera and start holding it that way.

  4. #bratayleysbrats #CommentClub

    *qotd*: no qotd in the video – so here’s your chance to ask (& answer)
    yourown! :

  5. No offense but I don’t think you should wear makeup that young . only for
    play but not for a whole day. I’m only 12 and I play with makeup but then I
    take it off right after. The only time I wear makeup is for my hula
    performances. Just wait.. Your gonna get acne. 

  6. Can’t wait to go back to Disney World later this year! I like Space
    Mountain at Disneyland better because we can sit next to each other.

  7. HAPPY 700k +Brataley WOOT WOOT (been here since around 200k seen every
    video since) 🙂 

  8. Came here cause of Shay (: Does the mom ever show herself on the camera?

  9. i will sub to your channel if you find the diffrence