We Made a Secret Video (WK 201.6) | Bratayley

Today, we hang out and film our secret video. Keep watching and we will let you know when we release it. Order your official Bratayley backpack and lunchbox …

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25 thoughts on “We Made a Secret Video (WK 201.6) | Bratayley

  1. My favorite book is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline followed by Ender’s
    Game by Orson Scott Card. You’ll probably like both Caleb :)

  2. My favorite stuff animal is Beenie Boos
    My favorite book is diary of the wimpy kid and dork diaries

  3. They say 10:00 oclock is late 3:00 o’clock is late for me because that’s
    when I fall asleep but on school night I go to sleep and 11:00 o’clock 

  4. My favorite book is Amelia Bedelia in my favorite stuffed animal is my
    tiger tige

  5. My favorite is series of infortunet events I am on book 11 out of 13 and my
    favorite is a big eyed panda with yellow ears

  6. My favorite stuffed animals are my sock monkey and my Brittany beanie ball.
    My favorite book is the Ever After High series

  7. My favourite book is Clifford

    My favourite stuffed animal is my comfy little Dog

  8. My favorite book is called The Invention Of Hugo Cabret and my favorite
    stuffed animal is my dolphin named phin.