Bratayley’s Disney Side (WK 210.7)

The kids help us get back to our Disney Side! Order your official Bratayley backpack and lunchbox now! Bratayley “Baked Potato” shirts are finally here! http://www.rodeoa…

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25 thoughts on “Bratayley’s Disney Side (WK 210.7)

  1. You guys are lucky because I have never been there and that game looked
    fun. Enjoy your time. Where is Winnie is she ok?

  2. Hi bratayley. When will you get Winnie back from the doggie hospital? And
    also, can you give us another update on her? Thanks. Please reply to my

  3. I never went to Disney world or lad because my mom does not have money and
    my dad past away comment back if you want to

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  5. NO FARE (is Stampy going?) because he said that squashiey and him were
    going to Disney in January?????? ❤️

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    *qotd* : +SHAYTARDS Youtube studio just (mid-Dec) was sold to Disney for
    $500 million ; would you like your channel to sell for that much? And post
    a link to your channel, if you have one.

  8. When Caleb said “In love with-“, I’m thinking, “I’m in love with the coco.”

  9. We were really hoping to attend the conference, but sadly, our video wasn’t
    chosen. I’m confused because the rules said that the video had to be one
    minute or less and yours was much longer. Oh well, hope you guys are having
    a great time.

  10. Thay said they couldn’t say the name of the character and they all said the

  11. Meet The Shaytards ive been dying to see u guys meet like if u want to see
    them meet

  12. Please guys follow this channel on Instagram bratayley_03 please my goal is

  13. When Caleb said ” I’m in love with-”
    I thought of
    “I’m in love with an ostrich all the neighbors complain and u see but she
    loves me can’t help it if u don’t understand it”
    Song: I’m in love with an ostrich

  14. It was great meeting you at the Disney All-Star Creator Conference! We all
    had a blast