We Got Winnie Back! (WK 211) | Bratayley

Winnie comes home form the doggy hospital! Order your official Bratayley backpack and lunchbox now! http://bit.ly/Bratmerch Bratayley “Baked Potato” shirts are finally here! http://www.rodeoarca…

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25 thoughts on “We Got Winnie Back! (WK 211) | Bratayley

  1. Can you pleas play with piper more because its upsetting we only reely see
    him in a cage and he was barking cus he want ed to play And ANNIE STOP

  2. How come Annie is always hogging Winnie ? Poor Hayley never gets to see her
    . And they should have not got a new dog because They just lock piper in
    the cage and forget her and just holds Winnie also when Annie said “Winnie
    is so hyper she is trying to get away .” I thought to myself THEN LET HER
    GO ! Dongs need space and piper can fall sick from not getting to much love
    . They should love and play the dogs with equal amount it’s not far for
    Piper or Hayley and sometimes Annie doesn’t act like a good sister , every
    time Hayley says “I love you” to Annie , Annie makes a disgusting face ,
    and also when Hayley hugs her she pushes her away . And I was hoping that
    would change because it really breaks my heart .

  3. Can yall see that in the description box it says ” winnie comes home form
    the doggy hopital!”


  4. I Don’t Get Why You Said You Got Winnie Back. Winnie Never Left You. No
    Matter What, Winnie Will Always Remember You

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  6. Jus stop being mean about them giving all the attention to Winnie!
    Everybody acts that way when they get something new. If you watch the
    videos when they had Rylie they did the same exact thing. Even for me when
    I got my cats I wasn’t playing with my dog as much because my cats were
    new. And besides they only record certain things you don’t know for sure if
    they don’t give piper attention. Off camera they could play with her and
    love on her. And you guys are saying they don’t give her attention not
    giving attention is not playing with her at all, not feeding her, not
    taking care of her, and ect. So stop being so mean and let them be them.
    They get to choose how they treat their dogs not you!