Squished at the Airport (WK 197.3) | Bratayley

We travel to L.A. to film a video for the upcoming Disney movie Big Hero 6, out next month. Order your official Bratayley backpack and lunchbox now! http://b…

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25 thoughts on “Squished at the Airport (WK 197.3) | Bratayley

  1. Bratayley is so lucky they get to travel alot. I’m so jelly. I wanna go on
    a airplane but can’t because of my dumb left ear.

  2. If your wondering why the video is up late it’s probably because they had
    slow WiFi at the hotel or they were really busy.

  3. ANYONE Wanna be Youtube Friends?

    Go check out my latest video please!!! <3 You!

  4. Caleb and Annie you rock I love you and Hatley your alright but your kinda
    boring sorry but true and Annie can you do a slepover blog with you and
    Olivia please and Caleb your cute I have a little crush on you and can you
    please read this on brataley please and Annie I think your a great gymnast
    and you can be the next gabby Douglas and Hatley you can be mini gabby
    Douglas and Caleb you can be the next baseball star please can you invite
    me to your house check out my vid so ya bye and brataley fan forever and
    can make a fort vid again I live those this time can you do it with Caleb
    and give a fort tour so bye love vid

  5. Poor Caleb! I’m so glad some nice people switched seats so you could sit
    with the girls at least. I would’ve panicked in that situation! Btw, I
    admire Annie and Caleb for not caring if people thought they were crazy in
    the airport. :)

  6. Omg I love hotels idk why but I love them, I can’t wait until I have to fly
    to my cheer comps and stay at hotels

  7. Do they live in Wisconsin because I was looking back and they support the
    Green Bay packers, but the po box is in Louisiana so I am confused 

  8. What does a popped eardrum feel like? I never had it and I’m curious
    because it seems like its painful…

  9. That happened to me my mum and sister on a 2hr night flight we couldn’t
    find seats together luckily someone moved so my mum and sister could be
    together and i was on my own and i was caleb’s aged its quite an
    uncomfortable situation…

  10. Maybe Caleb was scared cause of termbulance I mean it’s okay to be afraid
    and I know that Annie was upset I really feel bad for them that they had to
    sit with strangers my mom never let’s me sit with strangers that’s so scary
    we’ll if there is only 3 seats it’s okay sometimes but I wouldn’t do that
    ever! sorry I’m not trying to be rude it’s just I don’t want the kids to
    get hurt by strangers because sometimes strangers can do bad things.

  11. Hi everyone I love brataley annie you are pretty hayley is really cute and
    caleb is awesome and your mum and dad are a really good couple where do
    bratayley live because I would really like to meet them.

  12. I GOT the same shertz as Annie!