Annie has the Flu! (WK 208.7) | Bratayley

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25 thoughts on “Annie has the Flu! (WK 208.7) | Bratayley

  1. Love u videos my daughter is 1 and she sit there watching ur videos she is
    autistic she wants a shout out it will make her day 

  2. It’s not good to take medicine when you’re not sick because you become
    immune to the effects of it. It would be much better to just keep Annie
    away from them and hope for the best.

  3. I’ve been sick for 10 months. They haven’t figured anything from the 37
    tests they’ve taken. I have surgery this month please wish me luck!

  4. In England we have something called Christmas break it lasts two weeks Well
    anyway happy late new year

  5. Annie i know how u feel just rest and my mom lets me have icecream so have
    some if u r allowed to feel better god bless

  6. In France, we have 2 weeks of holidays, before winter, in october. Then 2
    weeks of holidays for christmas and the new year and the King Cake. In
    France, its 4 january and we are going to school tomorrow


  8. Hey my name is laurel can you please come to Pennsylvania please if you
    can go west Chester 

  9. How do you become a homeschooler? Do you have to do something like sign a