The Daily Show – Rage Against the Rage Against the Machine

The failure to indict police officers involved in the deaths of unarmed black men draws nationwide protests, and professional athletes wear shirts calling fo…

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25 thoughts on “The Daily Show – Rage Against the Rage Against the Machine

  1. The only one that should be charged is eric garners killer, jon stewart is
    a liberal moron

  2. 7 butt hurt nincompoops didn’t like Jon’s message .. lets see how many
    more show up … haha ¦◦Þ

  3. Here in Canada, bad cops kill black people too—but they will kill anyone
    who scares them in the slightest—from kids to seniors, natives to
    veterans. Retraining is obviously needed—everywhere.
    Yes, I’m a big white guy—but I’ve had a cop’s gun to my head:
    Looking past the cop’s white knuckles and into his eyes, all that I saw was
    his fear.
    I was behind the wheel, had my hands up, apologized, and finished every
    calm answer with “sir.”
    That helped A LOT—but I wonder how different things might have gone if my
    skin was darker.
    I wonder what *Gandalf the Great Black* would have as an epitaph: maybe …
    Washington DC’s motto — *Justitia Omnibus,* *Justice For ALL.*

    *”These things can go off.”* Yeah—don’t point guns too quickly.

  4. IF blocking traffic is a form of violence then in self-defence im going to
    kill many motherfuckers tonight

  5. Why were they talking about football? LeBron plays basketball for the
    Cleveland Cavaliers!!!!

  6. “call to justice” what a load of shit. It’s about a twitter trend and
    hating whites.

  7. “A call for justice shouldn’t offend or disrespect anybody. A call for
    justice shouldn’t warrant an apology”. That’s a universal truth right

  8. watching all this with curiosity and best hopes. Even against sometimes
    overwhelming facts.

  9. we do have the right to protest and i agree with protesting but if a black
    cop shot a unarmed white man it wouldnt even make the news and if it did it
    would be hero cop shoots meth head. and its funny how most of the black
    community shows there dislike of a verdict by robbing an looting stores.
    they should be shot too black or white.

  10. The news always states that, when the victim of the crime is black, the
    victim of the crime is black. If a
    is killed by a cop, we just refer to them as a “person.” “Citizen.”
    “Civilian.” Whatever. Race is not brought up. Even though plenty of white
    officers use excessive force against the Mexican population, we don’t talk
    about how Mexican the victims were. Every time a self-proclaimed news site
    states the victim’s race in the TITLE OF THE ARTICLE, it makes me cringe.
    It may not be considered “racist,” but it is. Defining someone by their
    race. “Black man.” “Black child.” “Black teenager.” We seriously haven’t
    moved past this already? Half of these officers probably aren’t even racist
    — just shitty people in general. We really need to stop acting like the
    color of your skin even remotely affects ANYTHING in life, because really,
    it doesn’t. 

  11. One thing has become apparent after hearing a congressman speaking on
    global warming.And a footballer discussing his stand on the death of a
    man killed by a police throat choke hold that was seen on camera. Is that
    the footballer ,was more articulate and employed superior use of english.
    Than the congressman was quite frankly illiterate. Amazing 

  12. Protesting the protesters, by protesting.
    I hope they never discover what irony means. You would run out of material.

  13. Comedy Central finally got on Youtube so they don’t have to hire a whole
    department to issue all the “pull orders” on youtube.

  14. i love how he had nothing to say after that last interview, it really
    speaks for itself. Honestly, somebody try to give a legitimate reason as to
    what is so wrong about a call to justice for the murder of an UNARMED man
    and a CHILD by a person whose job is to SERVE AND PROTECT? What possible
    discrepancies/misconstrues could there be in the cases of Tamir Rice and
    John Crawford? Exactly, NONE.

  15. This show is pathetic. The audience was only half as loud as they usually
    are, and I think I would believe Bill Maher over this joker now. His act is
    so transparent. I can’t believe that this show hasn’t been called out yet
    for distortion of the truth. Every time they interview a conservative, they
    edit the video to make them look like morons. Stewart is nothing more than
    a stooge, he does and says everything the way his masters like. He is just
    as much a puppet as those on FNC and MSNBC. The same goes for his obnoxious
    goons he has doing reporting an interviewing. Like that nutty redhead, the
    annoying black chick, and the super loud Indian guy! They might not be in
    control of the editing jobs, but they should’ve quit by now if they had any
    moral consciousness!