Dads Style Their Daughters’ Hair For The First Time

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25 thoughts on “Dads Style Their Daughters’ Hair For The First Time

  1. If this was a Moms style their sons hair for the first time video people
    would be like. sick of these feminist pricks, or like buzzfeed is so
    femnazi (idk how to spell that one)

  2. Omg guys go spend Christmas with your family ITS CHRISTMAS
    Get off the internet
    Said no one ever 

  3. Dear Santa: when i get married and have a family please let me have a
    boy…thank you
    Edit: i just want to take this moment to say happy holidays everyone…if
    you didnt got any gifts this year, stay strong good days are comin

  4. There are few males who know how to do hair.I find it really adorable when
    guys do a girls hair, though.Especially if its a guy with his girlfriend,
    or a guy with his daughter.Its just cute.My Grandpa is one of two guys I
    know that actually knows how to do hair.He’s never done my hair before but,
    I’m hoping he can do it one day.

  5. 3 classic American stereotypes. Black guy with his black daughter. White
    guy with his vietnamess kid and fat guy with fat stupid white kid.

  6. something about that girl with the pearl headband annoys me..then again
    shes just a kid

  7. I find this funny because since my mom isn’t around, when I was little my
    dad did my hair and he did a damn good job of it xD and not just for me but
    my little sister too