Muscle Man (WK 201.3) | Bratayley

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25 thoughts on “Muscle Man (WK 201.3) | Bratayley

  1. Diving board and the next shout out video should be who can make the
    longest rainbow loom single chain bracelet in One minute

  2. I live in florida and I’m crying right now that your

  3. You guys go on trip all time how do you afford it you are lucky wish I was
    you guys ( I love bratayley )

  4. Hayley: We’re going to Disney World this weekend.
    Me: got it I’m hiding in your suitcase and going with you.

  5. Guys stop being rude to this channel almost in every video there Is 1rude
    comment. It’s really mean how would you feel if someone called you those
    names. Annie is very pretty when she older she needs no makeup. I would
    rather do a flip on a Blance beam. How was big hero six. Also I love you
    guys. Can you guys do a house tour or q and a. You guys should have a big
    water gun fight and post it on YouTube but not anykind of water guns video
    one with yogurt 

  6. My Birthday Is On November 22, Which Is Next Week, And One Of My BIGGEST
    WISHES Is That BRATAYLEY Would Tell Me Happy Birthday On That Day In The
    Vlog. I Think I Would Cry If They Did So I Really Hope They See This
    Comment. PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  7. You guys are the coolest family I ever seen!!! BTW I as well play SSO AKA
    Star Stable Online.

  8. Is big maker 6 and i love you guis i love caleb annie and hayley too by can
    you come to serbia please

  9. Balance beam because I once did a flip off of the high dive and I did I 1
    1/2 then I got a bloody nose because I landed on my face