Key & Peele – Baby Forest

A babysitter with 20 years of experience meets his match in Baby Forest Whitaker. New episodes returning Fall 2014 on Comedy Central.

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25 thoughts on “Key & Peele – Baby Forest

  1. Keegan: “This woman told me to watch her weird child for her night out and
    I was like- *looks around* Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch.”

  2. Hahahaha this is so fucking random I can’t stop laughing. Key and Peele are

  3. I suddenly realised that this could be that guy from the other key and
    peele video with the something button disease, where they were at a
    restaurant and the dude was saying “I’m a man”!

  4. If the parents of a child you are babysitting, wishes you good luck while
    babysitting, run.