Facts Of Life: Growing Up The Oldest Sibling

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25 thoughts on “Facts Of Life: Growing Up The Oldest Sibling

  1. This is so odd because as a middle child we get no recognition at all. Just
    the over powered older sibling that takes everything you have and gives you

  2. I hate but love being the older sibling. I get everything first like a
    phone and car but they always get the same thing when they’re wayy younger
    than you. Like I got a phone when I was 12 then my lil sister gets one when
    she’s 7 yrs old!! WTF!!

  3. Me: *makes supper early for myself*
    Younger brother: (1)complains about EVERTHING and (2)punches me for ‘back
    talking’ even though he was the one who started it
    Parents: (1)It’s okey, calm down…. Blah blah loves and crap (2) OMFG
    It really annoys me tbh (being the older one sucks)

  4. I love how every video is complain, complain, complain, then ends with a
    positive.. just don’t bother

  5. Do the struggles of a middle child.
    I have to go through (at holidays):
    “Oh my god you have gotten big!” ~to older brother.
    “Oh my god last time I seen you, you were a baby!” ~to younger brother.
    All I get is: “Nice to see you.”
    Then around the end of the school year:
    “A freshman already? Wow!” ~older brother.
    “Wow, middle school now!” ~younger brother.
    I hate being a middle child. Everyone forgets about you.

  6. As the middle sibling, I can officially say it sucks. You get the leftovers
    of the older and younger sibling. The older sibling is the dictator, and
    the younger sibling is invincible. Your parents never believe you because
    they believe in the older, more mature (lol) sibling, but then the younger
    sibling is always pure and true, this also causes everyone to blame things
    on you. You also get overcast by the shadow of the older, and you get
    forgotten because of the younger. It’s so fun. 

  7. Oh god these apply to me. You’re just burden by responsibility it’s like
    you’re the third parent. And just like the cartoon my sister is the middle
    child and my brother is the youngest. Worst part is they don’t listen to me
    -_- I wish I was the middle child. 

  8. Please, do one of these about middle kids. We’re the forgotten ones.
    Multiple times my mom forgot to make me lunch.
    Once, my parents left me at a church. The only one who picked me up was my
    nana, because she forgot to bring home something or another.
    I was always the independent one that had to work harder for attention
    because my parents gave me the least even though I seeked the most approval
    out of them.

  9. Now facts of being the youngest sibling:
    Middle seat / backseat all the time.
    Never believed.
    Parents base things to let you do on what your older siblings did. (This
    one I relate specially to me not being able to play an instrument because
    my bro quit playing his instrument after a month)
    Having to go upstairs whenever older siblings are watching a pg13/tv14/R
    rated movie.

  10. Being an only child is lonely
    Being an eldest child is hard
    Being a middle child is annoying
    Being a youngest child is hard
    I have come to the conclusion that being a child is a waste of time

  11. Umm….lil siblin comib through c: hehehe all the comments i see r about
    hand-me downs,chores and gettin blamed ETC. Even tho u guys do that imagine
    our struggles >:c for example!!! Whn u go on rollercoasters we hav to
    “watch” cuz we’re to young to go on it plus as a younger siblin all those
    hand-me downs r worn out and sooo old :’c and i get blamed for stuff also
    sooo you all dnt hav much struggles c: 

  12. Being the youngest sucks. You get beat up by older siblings, nobody ever
    believes you, and your always compared to things your older siblings have
    done. You have to be watched by older siblings and all they do is either
    leave you to fend for yourself, yell at you or beat you up with their
    bfs/gfs or their friends. Oh and all their friends know every embarrassing
    story and you get made fun of.

  13. Nah I have it easier. My little brother is 17 years old and he’s taller
    than me. I’m 19. My parents always had to stop us from doing mischief , or
    just punch eachothers face. But now … Yeah we just plot together to get
    my brother a girlfriend or to get the parents to let us eat macdonald’s.
    But the bit about always being there for them is true. Everytime someone
    annoys my brother, he hears about me, and one of my brother’s friend who I
    yelled on once is just like ” don’t do this dude… don’t mess with her…
    please be safe” ahah xD

  14. Well my older brother always bullied me and I would never watch him as an
    example because he screw everything and my middle brother did the same,
    even tho l still love them I wish l was the older or the middle one because
    I would have more freedom but thanks to my brothers, my parents have high
    expectations on me lol btw I’m the only girl and the youngest sibling and
    my parents always see me like a baby I’m almost 17 and my older brother had
    muuuch more freedom than me at that age.. it’s sucks :)

  15. Ah a childs American life sucks,but im not American.Thank Goodness im not
    American child.

  16. people always say that being a younger sibling is the best, they say you
    can get away with anything. but as far as i’m concerned, being the younger
    sibling is the worst. firstly, you get teased literally errday, secondly,
    this might just be me but i genuinely get blamed for everything, because
    apparently my older siblings ‘are too mature’ to do anything stupid.

  17. my little sister copied everything i did and when she got hurt doing it i
    got blamed -__- and she’s freaking spoiled, she got tons of stuff before i
    did at her age. she also has it easier than me bc she doesnt have to figure
    out school/college on her own, she can ask me for help and can learn from
    my mistakes. also she has more opportunities for scholarships/programs than
    me bc my parents realized i didnt do enough when i was little. basically i
    was the experiment -_-

    although in the end i prefer being the oldest being she’s probably always
    being compared to me, which must be annoying and put a lot of pressure on

  18. I got issues now and am going to therapy because of a mortal danger I was
    in when I was little and because of my parents’ high expectations of me.
    All my life, all I heard was “you HAVE TO do this, that, you HAVE to be
    like this, be like that, be the best, be a good role model for your
    brother, blablabla”. Nobody ever asked me, not even once, what the hell is
    it that I want to do in my life. 

  19. My little sister has a recording on her phone of her yelling “ONEE-CHAN
    DAISUKIIII” like lol wtf. 

  20. I agree that the older bro usually gets to eat all the snacks gets to stay
    up later but being the middle child pretty cool I only have to vacuum
    around the house and it’s pretty small my older bro who’s only 3 years
    older has to swiffer dust clean the bathrooms and do the dishes and do his
    laundry so when he working I’m playing minecraft or something and if u
    punch him something u don’t really get in trouble but if he punches u he
    gets beat I’m pretty much saying is middle and last child is invincible :)