Bratayley ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

We nominate ItsGrahamEveryDay, Eli (BlueEyedJackson)’s Brother, and Sydnastical. Order your official Bratayley backpack and lunchbox now!…

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25 thoughts on “Bratayley ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

  1. Omg I never been so early after 3 whole years of watching your videos I’m
    the second view ahh this is so exciting

  2. Annie kinda missed when she pored it and I wonder how Haley would react

    Y no Haley??

  3. I think there was no haley because the water was to cold or she has
    sensetive skin

  4. It wasn’t Acroanna and Blazenoutlaws that got nominated it was Bratayley.
    That means Caleb, Annie AND Hayley should do it and i doubt Hayley is
    donating money. And don’t go replying “she would have freaked out or she
    would have spazzed out. If you agree like or comment so they see this and
    have Hayley do it.

  5. Guys stop saying Hayley should have done it. She didn’t want to and she
    probably would’ve freaked out. You saw how the older kids reacted so and
    Five year old almost six would go crazy. Besides everyone is forgetting
    that this is for a cause they probably donated money too thats the reason
    this was invented to raise money not to see people’s reactions 

  6. Someone in my country died from it. Seriously people stop doing this! You
    can get seriously hurt! They died because the bucket (hard) dropped on
    for a good cause but just donate please! Plus, some people don’t have fresh
    water 🙁 So I think it’s wasting water but it’s my opion you know? Some
    people may have other opions but this is just mine. :/

  7. Hi bratayley I love your videos you are awesome i really want to see you oh
    my name is Hayley I live in Arizona your AMAZING i can’t wait to see you!

  8. Water is not cold it is fun to play with too you guys are cool and I like
    to name bratayley it is fun to say it is so cool I can’t stop saying it I
    say it so much

  9. Hayley and Annie are so cute I lol I love Emma from kittiesmama so is the
    same as you