Thanksgiving Candy Turkeys (WK 203.2) | Bratayley

Today Annie and Hayley show you how to make Thanksgiving Candy Turkeys! Order your official Bratayley backpack and lunchbox now! Brat…

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25 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Candy Turkeys (WK 203.2) | Bratayley

  1. Also, if u r allergic to nuts replace the Reese’s with rolos and if u don’t
    have candy corn use white chocolate chips

  2. I would do thanksgiving at a homeless shelter to make them happy and Annie
    Hayley and Caleb you three did really well making those candy turkeys and
    Annie I did enjoy this video you and your sister Hayley and your brother
    Caleb you three do have talent and I will make some at my high school I

  3. Am I the only one that thinks that Hayley thinks she is on a commercial or
    on t.v?

  4. Hi girls it was so nice meeting you today! You are a really nice family!
    P.S. cool idea with the candy turkeys! 

  5. I can not make them because were I live you can not by penut butter cups
    and the chocolate circles and what the heck are candy corns

  6. +missylanning made thanksgiving cupcakes ! It’s almost like you’re! I don’t
    celebrate thanksgiving ……

  7. My mouth was watering while I watched this and I think I may have been able
    to smell it from my computer! Great job with this tutorial, Annie and

  8. Hell to all you kind people out there I am looking to expand my audience
    and I would appreciate it if you checked out my channel and possibly

  9. My family feeds me on Thanksgiving, but I would make thise turkey candy
    things for a homeless shelter.

  10. Do you have to use Reese’s peanut butter cups. Bratayley please come up
    with another way without Reese’s peanut butter cups I’m allergic. Please
    reply Bratayley.

  11. I do things like this on my channel, If you sub to me I’ll subscribe back
    to you.

  12. Annie and Hayley I’m so thank you at you it taste so good you know I watch
    this video before thank giving day then I tell my mom to make it , it was
    so good and I’m so thank you the pilgrim that they make us a thank giving
    day bye I love ya bratayley

  13. I would do spend thanks giving with the homeless it’s not that I don’t love
    my family I think it’s nice to give other people love and joy for yourself
    to be proud of and for them to be happy