TOTAL MELTDOWN MODE! (10.24.14 – Day 637)

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25 thoughts on “TOTAL MELTDOWN MODE! (10.24.14 – Day 637)

  1. It sounded like ollie said “what’s going on!” When missy took him out of
    his car seat ?! :)

  2. What a relief to have found you licence, Missy! …And I think those
    candies you and Bryan were wondering about are the Hi-Chews Cullen & Katie
    love so much.
    It’s a gorgeous day out today. Have a great Saturday and weekend. :)

  3. Dear Bryan . I miss your singing .. sing more dammit … when you do more
    on your channel again I want a cover or two or three !! Thank you !!

  4. I don’t get it, if you think that dairy queen is doing it wrong why do you
    continue to go their? I high doubt they are doing it wrong the ice cream
    comes as a pre made mix which the put into a machine that churns it into
    soft serve. The machines are all programed by the same company so it’s not
    like that specific dairy queen is out to get you with their crappy ice

  5. Hi guys that’s Hi chew and we love it. I had sent some to Cullen and Katie
    and now their in love too. Bryan glad you liked the Lego set my boys picked
    it out. Ollie’s hair is sooooo cute!!!! That drawing was amazing!!!! 

  6. As a former DQ employee….. DQ’s ice cream machine’s are VERY
    temperamental and when they act up they make the ice cream harder and it
    does in fact change the taste. It sucks but like any other sh*tty fast food
    place the managers/owners refuse to fix them. hahahaha. XD

  7. So weird, just watching this and I had a dream last night I met you guys in
    Toys R Us and you wanted to keep telling me about your new lego sets! LOL!

  8. I feel like u guys should just turn one of the living rooms into a play
    room/toy room for ollie, I know that’s what I would do, I have 2 children
    and toys really do seem to pile up I have to put some up and rotate them
    they have so many…

  9. Haha! Missy is picky about her ice cream like I am about my Coca-Cola
    Icees. I am super picky about the consistency, smoothness, & taste. I’ve
    thrown one away before because the taste was off after having only like 3