Gymnastics Christmas Party (WK 206.2) | Bratayley

Today we go over to Liv’s house for a gymnastics Christmas party where we decorate sugar cookies with homemade icing and exchange gifts with our secret Santas! After Annie goes to a studio…

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25 thoughts on “Gymnastics Christmas Party (WK 206.2) | Bratayley

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  4. Epic Christmas party video by Annie Hayley and Caleb and Katie and Billy
    the mother and father of Bratayley and there friends to.

  5. Can somebody please tell me if bratayley got a new car because now they are
    in a different one I thought they had a camro and a Honda pilot did they
    get a new car?? PLease tell me if you know thank you so much!

  6. Hey I’ve heard that you like American Girl so can you do a video of just
    you American Girl dolls

  7. hayley is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    cute and she is really good
    in the commercial i
    love brataley sooooooooooooooooo

  8. Do you know when you’re birthday was on the 9th mine was on the 8th and I
    turned 10th to

  9. good job Annie. I actually saw the commercial and my friend pointed it out
    to me. she said “annie look, your on t.v.” and I was like freaking out. we
    both LOVE gymnastics but im not very good at it. I can do a few things. u
    can see some of them on my channel buy anyways… merry Christmas. p.s.
    cool name. lol bye guys ;)

  10. I saw the commercial. I also saw the one with Michelle Phan! I love how
    Youtubers are getting opportunities like this.