The End of Life as You Know It! (WK 190.5) | Bratayley

We go to the pool with Sydney and Luke before school starts back up then do a little gymnastics “routine” in Syd’s basement. Order your official Bratayley ba…

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25 thoughts on “The End of Life as You Know It! (WK 190.5) | Bratayley

  1. Dear everyone watching this video, does it really matter who was first? I
    think we should just enjoy the video and not fight over who viewed it
    first. These comments are getting really annoying. Not to be rude in any
    way. I just see “first” comments on every video, and nobody enjoys them.
    Thanks, have a great day.

  2. Caleb swims weirdly he doesnt kick and he is like a fish
    you have to give him lessons

  3. Will someone please tell me if Caleb Annie and Hayley are now being
    homeschooled? I heard rumors about them being homeschooled but I just want
    to know if it’s true.

  4. is true that you only have friends is sydene and luke and oivlier do you
    have other friend to show 

  5. When do you guys go back to school? I go back on September the 3rd.. First
    day of Secondary School.. :\