Mom Abuses Her 6-year old Daughter For Not Being Able To Count to 12! ft. Clara C & David So

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25 thoughts on “Mom Abuses Her 6-year old Daughter For Not Being Able To Count to 12! ft. Clara C & David So

  1. Im quite insulted and disappointed in them laughing and saying the kid
    basically deserved this just because she couldn’t count to 12. fuck not a
    lot of people with a learning disability such as #dyslexia can do that
    today let alone back when they were a kid. hell im 35 and i cant do the
    times table for the life of me and that shit isnt something to laugh about
    as it causes so much stress to that person.

  2. I’m white and my mom got crazy when I played the wrong note on the violin.
    Irish parents man…

  3. if parents beat their children in Sweden when they are sent to prison.
    beating their children in Sweden is one of the worst crime you can do

  4. why in the hell are they suprised that white parents beat there kids?
    what, you think it only happens to minoritys.
    you don’t know what happens behind closed doors.
    i’m white and my psycho mom punched me in the face for not knowing how to
    tie my shoelases.

    Read at your own risk.

  6. I’ve never been beaten or abused by my parents, so IMO the idea of physical
    abuse is horrible to teach children… Cultural differences I guess…

  7. I was bullied for no reason… 🙁 from first day of kindergarten to 3rd
    grade and a half, I wanted to punch him in the face, no one did anything,
    people even joined him to bully me, :(. 

  8. I love both Bart and Geo, but I think that whenever they havin’ a baby, the
    healthy relationship they’re having now is just gonna vanish away. Their
    cultures are waay too different.
    Just stating my opinion and being realist here.

  9. My God, all I got was the wooden spoon on my bum by my Mom, like 3
    times, when I wandered off and didn’t tell her before hand. Once when I was
    like 7, I was throwing rocks in the playground and I hit a teacher. I WAS
    NOT AIMING FOR HER!! I swear, I remember it in slow motion.
    My Dad came home and said “go to your room, I’ll in there in ten minutes
    with the paddle.” Big scary, wooden thing that stayed hiden in the back of
    my parents closet. I got to my room and put on 10 pairs of underwear and 3
    shorts. He only gave me 3 smacks and it wasn’t even that painful, just
    intense becouse I thought he was angry. He told me years later that he
    wasn’t shaking form anger, he was trying so, so hard not to laugh! He said
    it looked like I was hiding an XXL adult sized diaper under my tiny blue
    shorts. Only time he ever spanked me.

  10. i had friends where if someone messes with me they mess with them

  11. Asian parents be like:”you want me to have patients? I want you to have
    patients!” lol JK!!!!!

  12. I hate math cuz every time I got beat was for not being able to do my math
    homework. I got beat so fuckin bad and I don’t fuckin hate my mom not even
    a bit.

  13. the worst i’ve ever had from my mum WAS hair pulling, however that was only
    because i was trying to dodge her blows. 😛 i was fine though since i was
    14/15 when that happened… afterwards my mum vowed to never resort to
    physical discipline since it would be embarassing for her to have to
    discipline a teenager lol
    she did use to hit me on the side with a stick though, when i was
    younger… yes, i’m asian, and hitting with a stick is normal in my
    community. but it’s not the same as abuse though. for one i never got
    bruises/bled over the hits… in fact my mum would bruise her fingers (if
    she forgoes the stick) before i bruised lol

  14. In the UK schools they teach us how to count in our second year and even
    then IT’S ONE LESSON we pretty much have to teach ourselves.