7 Reasons Babies Are Just Tiny Drunk Adults

Baby, go home. You drunk. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo All Media Courtesy of AFV MUSIC Goody Two Shoes Licen…

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25 thoughts on “7 Reasons Babies Are Just Tiny Drunk Adults

  1. How do I get my baby to sober up. I tried to give him coffee but he refused
    to take it.

  2. You have to be neither a baby nor a drunk adult to have all these in
    common….or am I the only one?

  3. They aren’t drunk, you guys at buzzfeed are fucking immature little shits
    who can’t make up good jokes. Babies act like that because they barely have
    developed their brain yet. That doesn’t mean they’re like druuink adults.

  4. Where’s the part where the baby hits someone? That’s what my dad does to me
    when he’s drunk…

  5. No matter what the video is, there will always be fucktards who come up
    with some reason to hate on buzzfeed for it. 

  6. Imma firin’ ma lazer!!!
    O o