Tips & Tricks For Traveling With Your Baby

They look cute now, but wait ’till you see them after the red eye. Experienced parents get it done. Check out LUVS on YouTube: htt…

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25 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks For Traveling With Your Baby

  1. I’m 14 and (Spoiler alert:) don’t have a baby. Still I am watching this to
    learn all the tricks. 

  2. How the heck do you manage to get an unmarked bottle of goo past airport
    security but I can’t get a sticking coke bottle across 

  3. And what about the crying?? When I was little I wouldn’t stop for 6 hours
    in a car ride until we stopped.

  4. Tip for traveling with your baby…

    …don’t fucking travel with it there just annoying


  5. Another tip- take gummies or fruit snacks for small children who are unable
    to chew gum for plan rides and their ears won’t pop

  6. All those problems are just crap. The crying is the main one! Especially
    for people who HATE those little shits! I travel a lot and I don’t care how
    tired your baby is, i WILL put tape over its mouth! Every time there is a
    baby in a near/ the same aisle as I am, I demand that they move or for me
    to be upgraded so i can get some sleep on my 13 hour flight! Parents, i
    don’t care how desperate your mothers and fathers are to see their
    grandchild, DON’T TAKE THE FUCKING PLANE! Take a car. At least that way you
    are the only one who gets punished for your actions.

  7. Why am I watching this. I hate children of all ages. Apparently I like to
    torture myself

  8. Because only women have problems with babies. From something obsessively
    feminist* like Buzzfeed, I think it’s weird that there are no men with the

    *Not saying it’s bad to be feminist, just pointing out how keen they are to
    tell us all about it.