Convos With My 4-Year-Old – EPISODE 1 – “Bed Time -Part 1”

Season 4 brought to you by Geico: Actual conversations with my 4-year-old daughter, as re-enacted by me an…

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25 thoughts on “Convos With My 4-Year-Old – EPISODE 1 – “Bed Time -Part 1”

  1. >_< I've had similar conversations with my 4-year old. they are masters of

  2. i am in love with david milchard and i don’t know why since i’ve only ever
    seen him play a toddler.

  3. OMG this happened with me and my little brother !!! Until finally I made
    the 5 minutes rule he gets 5 minutes to get tucked in and after that leave
    and that’s it there’s no procrastinating I set a alarm on my phone and when
    it goes off I hug him say goodnight and go it’s pretty easy lol 

  4. OMG, I swear you had a hidden camera in my son’s room. This is exactly how
    he is at night… and he always tries to pull the “my tummy is hungry”
    right before I turn out the light. I love this!

  5. Kids are so funny when it comes to bedtime. I think when I have kids I will
    have them clean stuff when they don’t want to go to bed since they want to
    stay up so badly xD

  6. When I was about 7 years old I called my dad from bed to bring me water. He
    did. Then I called again and again and the last time he pored it on me.
    That cured that! He probably had to change the sheets but I’m sure it was
    quite satisfying for him. Ah the good old days of early 60s child rearing.
    I got spanked once or twice too. 

  7. “4-year-old”? What?! Please tell me you’re raising your daughter in a time
    warp and it’s not actually been two years already since this started!

  8. 3:32 I have the book he’s referencing (Foxy-loxy chicken licken) It’s “The
    Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid tales”
    Book great
    Such Words

  9. Good to have you back! Don’t kids remind you of cats? We’re simply their
    little slaves 😉 

  10. This reminds me of the adult bedtime story book titled “Go The Fuck To
    Sleep”. Find the one narrated by Samuel S Jackson. It’s hilarious! 

  11. I’m an au pair and it drives me crazy how lenient they are with their kids.
    That shit would not fly with me. This was funny and accurate, but I’m just
    saying, it wouldn’t have gotten this far with me. I would have turned off
    the light after the second time and left. 

  12. and yet you don’t have a drinking problem, and when do you find mansized
    little kid clothes?

  13. I have two baby cousins they are WEIRD ( they take after me. Im weird to,
    just.. not that weird ) but they are REALLY weird the youngest bites the
    noses of her toys and the other calls herself a pig and chooses demented
    names for her toys like BUTTisha ( ish )