Is It Broken? (WK 199.2) | Bratayley

Annie hurts herself at gymnastics and has to get an X-Ray to see if its broken or not. Order your official Bratayley backpack and lunchbox now!…

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25 thoughts on “Is It Broken? (WK 199.2) | Bratayley

  1. I’ve fracture my right ankle Before and had a big boot, so it’s not the
    most fun thing in the world but hopefully it will heel soon! Hope you feel
    better soon Annie miss you! 

  2. annie i was on cruches last year because i fell off a stage i was in alot
    of pain and i had to get a cast and i can tell you it doesn’t hert i
    promise because i have been in a cast2 time and you get to pick the colour
    of your cast so that is retty coolanyways you will be fine if you have to
    get a cast or not it doesn’t hert 

  3. I bok my ancle in guynastys i fald dow rong wen i was douing my back flip
    ben my chouch dirent chasme ride so y fel down i dook my food

  4. I have tendanities in my left foot, I almost had to do the same ice thing
    so Ik what it’s like

  5. A few videos ago Caleb and Haley said that it was Annie’s turn to get hurt

  6. I’m so lucky, I roll my ankle like at least once a week, but nothing has
    ever happened except it has hurt a couple days but other than that,
    nothing. My friend has rolled her ankle twice and both times she sprained
    her ankle, and my other friend has broken her foot once from rolling it…

  7. I was sleeping and my ankle was on its side and my brother trying to be
    funny, sat down a it pushed the Bone down and had to wear a cast and have
    crutches for 5 weeks

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  9. ive been on crutches its not that bad its kinda fun but it does get tiring
    after a while

  10. I know her leg is not broken cause she was moving it around to much and it
    would’ve hurt

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  12. She got jinked. I feel very bad because in c the last few vlogs she said “i
    am the only one who has not been injured and im in gymnastics”

  13. Don’t worry Annie I have broken my ankle get on the beam and I did it at
    school so totally not professional but it hurt plus to add one more bad
    thing to my life it was winter so it rained a lot but that was two years
    ago and now i just can run long distance but don’t get worried everything
    will be okay!

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  15. I sprained my foot and I went to the hospital and they gave me a air cast,
    it was not a good week at all!

  16. My friend has to wear the boot with crutches for the first few days and not
    he just has the boot