The Question Every Daddyless Daughter Must Ask Herself | Oprah’s Lifeclass | Oprah Winfrey Network

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18 thoughts on “The Question Every Daddyless Daughter Must Ask Herself | Oprah’s Lifeclass | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. My dad is someone who never grew up. In a lot of ways, he is still a little
    boy figuring out how to be man. He is someone who is very emotionally needy
    and my mom was the same way as well. In spite of the toxic relationship
    they had, they stayed together out of fear, not love. They became too
    dependent on each other, neither one of them ever growing up.

  2. Well in my case my mother was the one that was strong and I say was because
    she`s no longer here in this world .God had a different plan for her .And
    my father whom is still here ,on his 3 rd marriage and still is not happy
    at all. He never raise me, our mother did with the help of GOD .I have no
    malice in my heart for this man called father at all .So I get , what you
    are saying on so many levels.

  3. So touched by this episode, in across road in life wondering how I became
    so angry coming to the realization because I am a fatherless daughter. My
    Father is Musician and he chose his love for Music and Drugs and Alcohol
    over his Family. Now being clean for over 16 yrs and completing NA and AA
    he forgot a step of asking for forgiveness for those who u have
    this day he has never apologized for all the pain that he has caused my
    family and allowing me and my sisters to become fatherless

  4. Whats worse ? Lowering of standards or pain of being alone?…some useful
    opinions !!

  5. Hello… I’m a Fatherless Daughter learning to speak my truth, please view
    my channel…

  6. that’s very interesting
    I’ve just realised I’m passed that point of setting standarts and
    first steps have been made toward full healing

  7. I have been fatherless for years ya my mom got marred again I have a nice
    step day but I wont to talk to my father from tim to time ..I pray on it
    for years and 4 weeks ago my father called me and said he loves me and
    wonts to be back in my life prayer works ppl god bless u all!

  8. This station has helped put me on a path to wellness and a good life. Thank
    you Oprah.