Ask Steve: It’s Too Late!

Sara is in law school, so she moved back in with my parents to save money. During the week Sara works and go to school, during any free time is spent studyin…

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25 thoughts on “Ask Steve: It’s Too Late!

  1. Lawd! That Steve always makes me laugh but THIS one is a SCREAM! His FACE
    when he’s mimicking the mom (around 3:30) is HILARIOUS!!

  2. The mom should be happy that her daughter came back home. Now, as a parent,
    you know that your child has a home to come home to where there’s people
    who love her. That she has food when she’s hungry. That she has a safe,
    nice warm bed to sleep in at night. Does she pay a bit of rent? Yes. Well,
    ok. Stop nagging. No? Well, she’s your wonderfull daughter who’s going to
    law school isn’t she?

  3. Let her go. Let her go. (in the theme of frozen) She raised a good daughter
    who is trying to make a good life for herself. She should be happy. Maybe
    if she gave her some space it wouldn’t be so hard to spend time with her. 

  4. I also lived with my parents and my mom was like that when I was doing my
    bachelors degree and working and dating my boyfriend. I would barely spend
    time with my family and that for almost 2 years. But now I am working,
    planing my wedding and I spend lots of times during the weekend with my
    family and my future in laws. This mom needs to be patient. It is not true
    that when her daughter leaves the house that she will not see her anymore! 

  5. Lol ; Steve Gave a Good comeback! She sound stupid asl she gotta live her
    life & she probably feel trapped

  6. The child is in law school! Give her a break! She would do better living
    away from her parents, but since she is at home, mom has got to give her
    daughter room to study, work, and let off stress. Law school is no joke and
    extremely stressful. Mom, give your child some breathing room! She’ll come
    back around after she passes the bar exam.

  7. I don’t care how busy she is,have dinner one night a week with her family
    is not impossible nor unreasonable to ask. Her mom raised her and took
    care of her for years now she has to beg her to spend some time with her.
    no one begged her mom to feed her or put a roof over her head and prepare
    her for that great future . I love you Steve, but I don’t agree with you