Bill Murray’s Parenting Advice for Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy reveals how helpful Bill’s advice was when it came to the birth of his daughter. Bill offers some new parenting tips for Jimmy as well. SUBSCRIBE to ge…

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25 thoughts on “Bill Murray’s Parenting Advice for Jimmy Kimmel

  1. I cant believe how old he is getting.. like I feel like I was just a little
    kid watching ghostbusters and what about bob and seeing the young Mr.
    Murray.. but hes still as funny as hell

  2. With the screaming, could it be the baby is teething and gnawing on the
    peppermint soothes that pain?

  3. Bill murray came down here in myrtle beach briefly. He went to a outdoors
    bbq shak and just sat outside eating bbq. I mean just casually. No body
    says anything until few minutes. All anybody does is like stare for like a
    few minutes randomly at bill murray…then they go nuts. They even took
    pics of him casually eating his bbq sandwich. Lol 

  4. Bill Murray is so goddamn awesome. I could listen to him talk for hours on
    random stuff.