9 Reasons Why Kids Are Total Dicks (And Why We Should All Thank Our Parents)

Parents are seriously amazing for putting up with all our s**t. Post to Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1to9bvn Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1il…

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25 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why Kids Are Total Dicks (And Why We Should All Thank Our Parents)

  1. Sometimes I like to think i’m one of the rare sensible 11 year olds around
    this world.(it won’t be obvious because social networking sites don’t allow
    anyone too young to sign up their real birthday) Children nowadays think
    they’re so special, they can’t even spell properly and differentiate ‘your’
    and ‘you’re’ and many more words. They like to believe that it’s okay to
    make mistakes all the time. That’s why we have mistakes, to learn from them
    and then do the right thing. Not to repeat over and over again. And another
    thing, ever since some stupid guy started saying ‘swag’ everyone’s been
    following him/her and acting so flipping ignorant and just plain stupid.
    Something for those who think the world is as perfect as riding a unicorn
    with your love into a sunset, it isn’t. I like to think that yes, the world
    is beautiful, but our economy and the human population is just effed up.
    Every girl’s getting pregnant, every guy’s playing video games.
    Everything is just f***ed up nowadays.
    And no, i’m not a pessimist.
    Just a realist.

  2. Ok, give me your best shot atheists.
    9 Reasons why Jesus is a total dick

  3. Have you realized that kid’s don’t choose to be Assholes they haven’t hit
    puberty yet so they’re not matured, also if you hate kids soo much DON’T

  4. As a child, I am quite insulted by these comments
    I didn’t know adults could be so horrible and disgusting about a simple
    stage in life

  5. If you think kids are total dicks stop jumping on dicks and you won’t get
    pregnant! Problem solved! Lmfao. Just remember you were a kid, our parents
    were kids and so on. So at a time, you were a dick too! And by the way
    adults are dicks too. Everyone’s a dick. Ok I’m gonna go now! Bye!

  6. $240,000 by the time the kid is 18? That is a little over a thousand
    dollars a month! WTF could one kid need that costs that much?

  7. This video doesn’t make any sense at all -.- … Yes, you could master
    archery or you could sleep more in the morning or maybe you could even buy
    yourself one or two boats but HEY! There won’t be any cute little guy
    around calling you “dady” or “momy” with dat cats eyes @.@
    Ultimately, all I can tell about this video is that it just wasted my 1
    minute. (I didn’t watch the rest)

  8. What about kids you think its easy
    Kids cam get shouted at by their parents and if you have really strict
    parents even get beaten or hit by the adults
    Have to do what ever the adults say
    Babys get passed around like a parcel when im pretty sure that sometimes
    they just want to stay in one place or sleep
    Your the ones who put pouches on them so thats your fault and do you think
    its fun walking aroind with a pouch full of poop stuck to your butt?
    They have no other way of communicating and they are forepced to cry when
    they want something and when they dont get it they get frustrated
    YOU are the dick here

  9. kids are parasites that suck all of your resources. you open a bag of chips
    and they are full, they’ll want one. You just buy a new game, they wanna
    play it all day. you sit down, they sit 2 inches next to you. you make a
    plate, they are right over your shoulder looking at it. this goes on until
    13. annoying!

  10. I’m sure people who live in much poorer countries don’t complain as much as
    people who have money do.

  11. The amount of kids watching this and taking it seriously… A testament as
    to why kids shouldn’t be allowed to have youtube accounts. If you don’t
    see the humor in it you have to be less than 15 years old.

  12. kids complaining about this video. mate, you shouldn’t be on the internet
    in the first place

  13. this video was funny but not to the other viewers,honestly i dont have love
    for my parents,lost my respect.i live with my mother and my dad used to
    beat her so they broke up and he is imprisoned.then she dates another guy
    and he starts out to abuse me.later in the years i tend to sell weed and
    have a short amount of cocaine i stolen from one of my friends brother.so
    he basically moved to iowa to get a job,then mom is so lazy she wouldnt
    care if i went to school or not.my aunts boyfriend stole my phone,tv,xbox
    and gave it to his friends,and it comes back with marks dents and bite
    marks on my controller.i tend to punch his son and steal his money,and my
    mother doesnt give a shit about me i only got money from my dad which sends
    her money even when she cheats on him with pot heads.this maybe completly
    irrelevant since i havent re-read my paragraphs so i hope you know i wont
    be saying thank you

  14. Well, I don’t want to have kids(I’m a teen so that can change) in the near
    future, becasue kids need a lot of time and work invested, but they still
    can bring happiness. I can name my little sister as a living example, she
    was born when my family was going through a very though time and I can
    honestly say that the only time when I saw my father smile was when he was
    playng with her 🙂 

  15. All the kids in this video that are complaining just please stop. Just
    because Buzzfeed made a simple video showing that kids can be complete
    dicks shouldn’t ruin your entire day. Think about. We were all dicks
    before, so stop complaining and thanks your parents.