25 thoughts on “New Peanut Butter Cheerios presents: #HowToDad

  1. My dad once told me, “Don’t start a fight unless you intend to end it.” To
    this day I’m still not sure exactly what he meant, but it’s a lesson I
    carried with me for years. When I get out of prison next month, I’m gonna
    finally thank him in person!

  2. $5 says there will be some feminists out there that will push to get this
    commercial pulled cause they were only showing fathers in a positive light
    and not mothers. 

  3. For years Dads like me have been nothing but a clueless joke to advertisers
    and I’ve called them out every time I see them.

    Finally a brand showcases Dads as who we really are. Thank you +Cheerios for
    this new #HowToDad video!! 

  4. I really hope everyone else is noticing the obvious marketing ploy – “Oh,
    guys think men are portrayed like bumbling morons in advertising these
    days, let’s do the complete opposite and get that demographic onside”. 

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this video! Thank you +General Mills for being the company
    to finally show dads in a positive way!

    #HowToDad #DadsTalking #sahd 

  6. *It’s about time…*
    Ever notice in movies and commercials the dads/men are made out to be
    drooling idiots?

    Well this one does a good job steering that ship back on track!


  7. Finally, a commercial which portrays dads as smart, competent people
    instead of a punchline. Thanks, Cheerios!

  8. I’m buying these based solely upon the awesomeness of this ad.

    Thanks +Cassius Wright for the tip off.

  9. I am one of these dad guys and I approve of this message.

    H/T +Shane Shepherd 

  10. Emotionally manipulating you into buying cheerios, which is a shit tier

  11. I couldn’t agree more. *This is how to dad!*

    #Dadhood #Fatherhood #DadOfTheYear #Cheerios 

  12. Sugar for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a midnight snack. No big deal. Cool
    dad = eat sugar. Advertising is so gross.

  13. Hey look! A commercial portraying a good dad…

    Oh no, wait, he is feeding his kids junk food as a meal. So close!!

  14. BOUT TIME SOMEBODY MADE DADS LOOK AWESOME. Enough with the stupid, dopey
    fathers. We need more ads like this.

  15. I’m a dad. I have eight kids. I’d like to say it’s really like this.
    (snort) Actually this is pretty cool although I don’t like peanut butter
    cheerios. #dad