Iyanla Confronts Brenda Thompson on Calling Her Daughters Names – Iyanla: FIx My Life – OWN

OWN is a singular destination on cable. Depth with edge. Heart. Star power. Connection. And endless possibilities. In the late ’80s, Brenda Thompson—the moth…

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25 thoughts on “Iyanla Confronts Brenda Thompson on Calling Her Daughters Names – Iyanla: FIx My Life – OWN

  1. That’s so powerful–Iyanla is delivering love and a healthy dose of wake-up

  2. Iyanla: I thought I had a good relationship with my daughter until she died
    and I read her journal. I realized I did not have a relationship based on
    her truth and her reality, it was a relationship based on my truth and my
    reality. – Iyanla Vanzant- (Wow that is good!)

  3. powerful iyanla is like magic I don’t know how she dies it but she does
    cant believe ppl live with this much pain and it shapes their lives today

  4. Ok, we’re going to have to stop with the “black women” labels b/c this
    emotion and lack their of stems from women of all background and colors. I
    understand that it may be your ignorance that would have you think it’s
    only “black women” with this type of self hatred, but it’s not. It’s the
    type of thinking that you’re portraying in your statement that has so many
    Black people fooled into thinking they’re the only people broken. This is
    why it’s so easy for other groups of ppl to demean us. STOP

  5. I love how iyanla knew she was full of crap right away when she tried to
    talk about being bullied then said that’s how everyone talked where she
    grew up ,not everybody people are people jus because everyone else does
    doesn’t mean you have to jus like iyanla said shes from up outta Brooklyn !

  6. I’m confused because other races are dealing with family issues as well,
    why did anyone even assign certain issues to Black women? my gosh!

  7. Bingo! “Sadness is weak.” THIS is the monstrous belief that has so many
    women, regardless of race/culture in such (almost)—-> irreparable denial.
    Women feel this way, think it’s okay, convince themselves of such
    foolishness, show this example to their kids/family, and rot inside over
    the years-even when they know this magnitude of pain-REGARDLESS OF THE
    SOURCE-is causing them to be more hurt, inconsiderate, and cruel.

    As a Black woman who crashed and burned into what is now an adult witch’s
    brew of mental illnesses, I’ve seen this pattern Repeatedly throughout my
    own life and relatives, and in the lives of pretty much every woman I’ve
    ever come across. It’s so sad. No wonder why I’m a mental illness/wellness
    advocate. Hell, I almost had no other choice but to be in order to get
    better (and still living a life of emotional instability to this day). Go
    on ahead and keep doing your thing Ms. Iyanla! Your work is very much
    needed :-)

  8. I dont care what race you are…or how much your cash is flowin’..or where
    you’re from…or what your childhood was/is like…THERE IS NO SUCH THING
    AS A PREFECT PARENT. I wanna give “Miss Brenda” props, for being as
    transparent as she was. She was very receptive to Iyanla’s critiquing…and
    she was “active” in the exercise. If you can be receptive to criticism,
    while making an effort to improve your character defects, you’re on your
    way to changing the things you dont like about yourself. I know MANY
    people, who would not have the courage that Miss Brenda had. Sitting there
    and basically being “called out” is no cakewalk…but she “wo-man-ed up”.

  9. Ilyana did a good analogy that when the same way the mom felt when she was
    bullied was the same way her kids felt. Not sure if she spent enough time
    with this thought for the mom to truly understand this….it would hav
    ebeen good if they did. Drinking and smoking is certainly giving
    permission for a slow death….especially with the types of cigs they are
    putting out now…good for Ilyana to bring this out to lead to the whys it
    is occuring- self hurt/worth

  10. wow another example of color ism they called her yellow and pulled her
    braids wow shame how this was a generational thing thank god i never
    experienced this !

  11. she basically gave her the truth handle it and get rid of your trepass and
    love your daughters

  12. The black community fails to see that we have major issues with mental
    health. That is why we still believe that physical, psychological and
    verbal abuse is permissible when disciplining a “disobedient” child. Thank
    you Iyanla for telling the TRUTH.

  13. Iyanla is so real. She cuts like a lazer beam to the truth.
    She would make and badass criminal interrogator!

  14. I felt Ms. Brenda’s pain. I cried along with her when she stated, “No one
    loves me.” 

  15. Iyanla looks good n she tells the TRUTH. The 1st x I heard her speak of her
    daughters journals and how she went down for 6 months all I could think was
    my God. Syleena’s mom better wake up. But I know people like her. When sm
    happens to their kids they dont take responsibility they just drug
    themselves to death.