Tim Allen on Raising a Daughter

Jimmy and Tim talk about Jimmy’s new baby girl and Tim’s five-year-old daughter. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: http://bit.ly/JKLSubscribe Watch the la…

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25 thoughts on “Tim Allen on Raising a Daughter

  1. Tim is so cool. You should see him with Jay Leno’s Garage, the one about
    the COPO Camaro.

  2. It’s the parents that treats their child differently from birth. You are
    allowed to give them chance to explore every kinds of option. Read boys bed
    time stories and you teach them patient. Teach girls to fix cars so they
    are not dependent on men. It’s simple. It all starts from when they are
    born. That is where we fix equality between gender. Give them all the tools
    they need and let them chose who they want to become. Based on good morals
    of course, that is the only gift human nature has yet undermined. 

  3. I really like his humor haha. Tim Allen is an oldschool man & his work on
    last man standing is just gold to me :D

  4. I’m glad jimmy kimmel gave his daughter a normal name and not a weird
    celebrity name. 

  5. Daughter and I just spent this week catching up on 3 seasons of Last Man
    Standing. Love his work, always brings a smile to my face..

  6. Why do Americans have kids when theyre in like theyre late 40’s 50’s? Kinda

  7. Shows You your never Too old to have a Kids over 55 when he Damn near had A
    baby.. That Cool Man…

  8. Love Mr. Allen…but that shirt promo kind of threw me off…he doesn’t
    need to go there, but hey promote how you want! Make that money!

  9. It’s strange seeing Tim Allen now after recently learning he was arrested
    decades ago for attempting to smuggle pounds of cocaine, and got off free
    for ratting out his connections!

    He was like the ultimate father role in Tim the tool man, but props to him
    how he managed to turn his life around.